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here's some good skategames:

counter strike
titanfall 2
call of duty
super smash bros melee
fr0g clan official server 24/7 zk map (for stranger)
kayak for kyle
snakelike on an arcade machine with 2 trackballs
getting over it with bennett foddy
? kaizo mario (super mario world)

this one in particular bothered me a bit for a while, since i usually like more the idea of improvisation than the idea of grinding a particular line. but the more I played Super Sonic Saves the World World, the more I felt like I was repeating a trick many many times as if recording a skate trick video.

? sebil engineering?

maybe its a stretch, but I did feel like I was creating situation more aesthetically than about properly solving the levels

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"Because Tony Hawk is structured around repeated interaction with the same level, it is the equivalent of reading and re-reading a text several times. You notice new uses of language and subtle contradictions. "Novice" users can collect the tapes and letters and missions; meanwhile, "Advanced" users can chain a 50-50 + 900 + reverse kick-flip + Superman and manual their way across the entire level. The giant floating letters and video tapes you collect are merely hints to get you to thinking about a certain piece of the environment; the real goal is to chain together absurdly high combos of tricks, and doing that requires much experimentation, scouting and location analysis -- in other words, what street skaters do in real-life. They read the city. "