an index

of course by day 2 i'm already getting meta

i think to be able to do daily things, i will somedays have to implement ideas from other days

so day 2 will be an index, with links to the pages that have been implemented, and all ideas i have along the way and remember to update here.


  • a game idea written down in a nice way, never to be implemented
  • an interesting visual description of the experience of playing psychiatrist
  • an interesting visual description of the experience of playing alien
  • an album of my instagram sketches
  • a collection of random words in portuguese, filling the screen
  • a very well positioned picture of a single image, and a word
  • a d20 table, rpg inspired
  • &
  • a house of leaves inspired text screen with rotated texts and holes
  • make a tooltip element in the corner to explain what a page is
  • make something fun with scrolls / squirrels
  • use the canvas for something very simple
  • multiple highlight colors and texts that appear and disappear
  • a forest of links to people with emojis
  • summary blockquote details
  • words from the day we played fishbowl
  • ailins pronunciation of my name
  • random mspaint drawing library
  • tododia randomizer
  • a more playful index
  • write about the well imagined game
  • get dynalist games